Why is the music loud?

Because we like ramen, and we like rock n’ roll. There is a plethora of calm setting restaurants in the area. We are not one of them.

Why do you not make gluten free noodles?

Chinese tradesmen and cooks, brought their noodle recipes and methods to Japan around 1910. Their noodles were comprised of wheat flour mixed with “kansui,” a blend of baking soda and water that gave the noodle its yellow, chewy and elastic texture. The noodles were embraced all over Japan, and cooks in each town added unique broths and distinct components to regionalize their dishes. At Futo Buta we wanted to embrace that similar spirit, taking flour grown and milled in North Carolina, to create a bowl truly unique to it’s region… Giving us our own beautiful chewy noodle. Although our noodles are not gluten free, we offer other dishes to enjoy for those looking to restrict their gluten intake. We ask that you are aware our noodle shop does use soy sauce (fermented wheat) in many recipes.

Why don’t you take reservations?

With the nature of our business and service, ramen is historically a quick meal. Reserving small tables only prevents those who are in our establishment to enjoy the hot soup sooner. Arriving with your entire party, when you’re ready to eat helps fill our seats sooner, and allow you to enjoy your ramen, when you’re here and READY TO EAT!

Why do I have to wait until my whole party arrives before I am seated, even when the restaurant is mostly empty?

Our restaurants are very small, and that helps us to control the quality of the food and deliver the intended ramen experience to our guests. Because we’re small, we, of course, don’t have many seats, and if we seat people whose parties are not complete, two things happen: 1) Our other guests may end up waiting longer, sometimes much longer for a table; and 2) Our ability to run our restaurant efficiently will be impacted. Even when there are only a few tables occupied, our restaurants can fill up very quickly. We realize not everyone agrees with this policy, but we do it to be able to continue to deliver great food and a great experience.